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We have a solution for you regardless of whether you are looking for a standard or a custom product that will revolutionise the market. 

Are you looking for a new product or one based on existing solutions? In both cases you can count on our professional support. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to meet custom requirements for cable and cable systems or ECG electrodes.

Do you only have a photo of the product or a drawing of your idea?  Or do you already have clearly defined technical requirements. No matter how developed your idea or concept, with our support you will soon be putting your plans and thoughts into practice. Contact us and together we will plan specific actions in the form of a roadmap.

What we do and provide

We like to work in partnership with you.  We thoroughly analyse your needs, work through implementation possibilities, identify available solutions and discuss the direction of work together. We consult at every stage of production with you.

So why can you feel assured about the final outcome? Because we are a certified manufacturer of medical devices and we have implemented a quality management system based on the requirements of EN ISO 13485: 2012 / AC: 2012 and in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC.


We give shape to your ideas.

At the initial stage of the process, you provide us with information which we use to create

the first sketches and functional concepts of the product.

Based on your guidelines and technical requirements, we define the boundary conditions

and verify the technological capabilities necessary to implement the project.

What we do and provide

Based on your guidelines and technical requirements, we define the boundary conditions and verify the technological capabilities necessary to implement the project. When designing a product, we make sure we meet your needs and expectations regarding electrodes and cables.  We also take into account the mechanical and electrical design standards and regulations relating to the production of cables and wires.

This production stage is then summed up in a form of preliminary information, drawings and visualisations to be shared with you.


Designed by specialists

At this stage, you’re invited to evaluate and consult our proposed solutions.

Together, we discuss possible changes in the project in order to fully tailor it to your needs; our top priority. To achieve this goal, we use modern design and measurement tools which allow us to adapt the product to your expectations.

Taking into account functional and useful requirements, and following the guidelines in medical device standards, we give the product its final shape.

The selection of materials takes place in consultation with you at the same time meeting the REACH and RoHS criteria.

What we do and provide:

We begin by selecting the key materials best suited  to your project.

After that we develop the project by collecting data and using advanced 3D modelling software. The next stage includes joint consultation dedicated to selecting the final technical parameters on the basis of which we develop the final product design, along with the final material specification. The result of our collaboration is a production drawing, which we require to be approved by you.


The project becomes a reality

Before introducing the product into mass production, we create a prototype which is shared with you for verification.

At this stage, you can ensure it meets your requirements by testing its function.

The modern technologies we use give us the opportunity to implement unconventional solutions if required.

What we do and provide

The prototype is created following your approval of the project, using, among others, 3D printing technology. Using the prototype, you are able to check the technical parameters, compatibility with the device and its general usability. At this stage, you can make final adjustments to the product.

The received cable or cable prototype gives you the opportunity to certify the product.


The final product as a result of working in partnership

At the last stage, we proceed to the production of the product based on a mutually agreed and accepted project.

You can be sure of the highest quality of workmanship, because we rely on proven materials, advanced technologies, modern machinery and many years of experience, knowledge and teamwork.

Ultimately, you receive a product that complies with your idea, requirements needs and expectations.

What we do and provide

We proceed to the production stage closely following the documentation. As in the previous stages, the entire process is subject to quality control.

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You can also use the personalization options offered by the OEM contract option.

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