ECG electrodes - reinforced structure and adhesion

Our main goal is to provide the highest quality product, which meets our client's expectations. With this in mind, we regularly analyse the usefulness of our electrodes in a hospital environment in order to respond to our partner's changing needs. When we noticed that for some types of tests there was a need to use reinforced electrodes with higher adhesion, we took appropriate action.

The need for electrodes with reinforced structure and adhesion is particularly important in Holter and stress tests and we discovered this need in one of the largest hospitals that we supply to.

In order to provide the best possible support to our client, we thoroughly reviewed the detail of the tests they carried out and sporadic cases in which the electrodes became detached.

When analysing the case reported by our client, we came to the conclusion that the key issues to address in order to fix the problem were base material and construction of the fixing structure. That is why in the next stages we tested various materials and different types of electrode constructions.

We have changed the electrode construction in such a way that the attachment method is now far more stable than it was before.

We obtained this as a result of the modification of the cable cut-out, which keeps the cable in a fixed position, even when the patient is moving. In other words, we were able to maintain the stability of the connection between the wire and the electrode and ensure it remained on the patient's body throughout the duration of the test.