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Disposable gloves

Master Glove examination gloves

Disposable gloves should be solid, durable and comfortable in everyday use. Bearing this in mind, we only supply high-quality gloves for various health and other applications.

Why you should use our gloves:

  • effectively protect against unwanted and dangerous substances
  • povide the highest comfort of work and natural fit to the user's hand
  • are characterized by softness, elasticity and tensile strength
  • rolled cuff makes it easy to put them on and take them off and also prevents curling
  • all gloves meet the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical devices and European standards for quality management products and systems.

What type of glove do I need ?

Latex examination gloves

  • for outpatient procedures, care and therapeutic activities,
  • protective equipment in cosmetology and for household activities,
  • excellent operational parameters, including stretching and flexibility
  • fit like a second hand
  • have a high level of touch sensitivity
  • work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material
  • are very elastic and strong
  • are biodegradable


Nitrile examination gloves

  • for works at medical sites and at research institutes
  • protective equipment in automotive mechanics
  • do not interact with petroleum oils, grease, solvents
  • do not contain latex
  • have a satisfactory level of touch sensitivity
  • are good for wearing for an extended amount of time
  • are blue to help identify if the glove has been punctured
  • have a long shelf life


Vinyl examination gloves

  • for care and cleaning activities
  •  for food processing industry and catering services,
  • resistant to plant and animal fats
  • for people allergic to latex
  • have anti-static properties
  • have a looser fit
  • are good for short term, low-risk task
  • are best for use with non-hazardous materials

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Master Glove  - latex surgical gloves

  • radiation-sterilised
  • fully anatomical shape, differentiated into left and right hand
  • micro-textured surface guaranteeing a secure grip in a surgical environment
  • elongated cuff with a reinforced rolled edge


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