Standard products

NIBP cuffs

The wide range of NIBP cuff models allows for a selection that meets your particular needs:

  • with one or two air hoses
  • disposable and reusable versions
  • with or without an additional internal bladder

Disposable NIBP cuffs

Disposable NIBP cuffs are specifically designed to be used by one patient during his stay at the hospital. Thus reducing the risk of cross infection, since one sensor is used only by a single patient.

Reusable NIBP cuffs

Reusable NIBP cuffs are extremely dependable and durable. If sterilized, disinfected and cleaned properly the product is expected to serve for multiple uses during its operating time.

Compatible air hoses and NIBP adapters work as a perfect complement to the whole set, whenever there is a need of elongating the connection between NIBP cuffs and the monitoring apparatus.


Air hoses

Air hoses elongate the connection between the NIBP cuffs and the blood pressure measuring device. They enable the safe and convenient connection as well as improve the patient's freedom of movement, while being monitored.

NIBP connectors

NIBP connectors are used to connect the NIBP cuffs to the blood pressure measuring device. They also serve a purpose of connecting the NIBP cuffs with air hose.

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