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Recording paper

Regardless of which ECG, EEG, KTG, ultrasound and laboratory printers you use, we can provide matching recording papers. We supply both original (Mitsubishi, Sony) and compatible papers intended for the most popular devices from leading manufacturers.

When using our recording papers, you can be sure of:

  • efficient operation of the measuring apparatus, which will serve you longer provided you use the high-quality recording paper,
  • a clear, visible recording of the test results that ensures comfortable work,
  • using all 100% of each paper roll, which saves you money,
  • appropriate thickness, substrate quality and paper weight, which all guarantee proper strength and durability.

Our recording papers are available in various types of perforations and prints, therefore you can choose them according to your individual requirements. You will be able to use our reording papers for laboratory analysis and medical diagnostics in the field of cardiology, electroencephalography, ultrasonography, spirometry and monitoring of fetal heart activity.

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