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Complete the saturation measurement set

The SpO2 set consist of: monitoring device and an SpO2 sensor, that measures the pulse and blood oxygen saturation. The SpO2 cables, that can function as an extension cables are additional elements, that are especially useful when there is a sensor with a shorter cable. The SpO2 adapters that ensure firm grip on patients body work as a complement to the whole set.


Disposable SpO2 sensors might be used multiple times subject to being used by a single patient during his stay at the hospital. The specific structure of the sensors, soft foam and flannel; Velcro or gently adhering area fastening, makes using more comfortable. Owing to the utility advantages, the SpO2 sensors are often used in neonatology, pediatrics, geriatrics and for patients with burns.

Reusable SpO2 sensors
can be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized with the use of standard hospital procedures, thanks to their high-durability. Those actions ensure the long operating time and reduce the cost of the single measurement, because they can be used by multiple patients.


SpO2 cables are for the elongation of a signal trajectory between a SpO2 sensor and a monitoring device. They improve the comfort level of the work, especially when it comes to the sensors with shorter cable. Moreover, the extension cables can be used as an intermediary system for different plugs, which is used when transferring patients between different hospital units equipped in different types of monitoring devices. Specific, flexible and durable construction of the SpO2 cable guarantees long and failure-free operating time.


SpO2 adapters are the additional accessories that attach the SpO2 sensor to the patient's body. Thanks to them, the stable attachment of the sensor is possible, which allows proper measurement of a patient. There are disposable and reusable versions of SpO2 adapters.