We manufacture electrodes for cardiological examinations, including diagnostic tests, monitoring, short and long-term examinations, stress tests, Holter tests, resting tests as well as X-ray diagnostics.

The main difference is the electrode design. Electrodes intended for Holter tests have an incision which is used to firmly fix the wires connecting the electrodes with the Holter device, also their surface is larger than in case of standard electrodes. The Holter test lasts a minimum of 24 hours, with the subject maintaining a full physical activity - a stable electrode attachment guarantees a correct ECG signal recording.

Yes. The radioparent electrode is an electrode invisible in X-rays, which in turn allows it to be used both during and after the irradiation [there is no need to replace the electrodes]. In our offer you can find:

single-use electrode EK-S 45 PSG RT - recommended for adults

single-use electrode EK-S 30 PSG RT - recommended for children

neonatal electrode with EK-1/23 WpHG / 2j-L50 / RTG cable - recommended for use in neonatal X-ray examinations.

We distinguish electrodes with solid gel and liquid gel as well as hydrogel. Liquid gel electrodes are recommended in emergency medical services [rapid signal reception], electrodes with hydrogel are best suited for delicate and sensitive skin of a newborn.

The liquid gel is designed to obtain an ECG signal quickly, even if skin preparation before the electrode application was carried out in an improper manner. Liquid gel electrodes are an ideal choice for short-term procedures, eg tests in ambulances.

Yes, it is possible, however, it is reserved for individual solutions dedicated for our clients (products under an OEM agreement) or for customers who declare a purchase of a sufficiently large quantity of products.

Production of electrodes in a different shape than currently available in our offer requires preparation of appropriate production tools and investments.

For single-use ECG electrodes it's 24 months from the date of manufacture, for reusable electrodes it's 5 years.

In accordance with the storage conditions specified in the Instructions for use and storage and once more mentioned on the unit packaging: "If unused electrodes remain in the bag, the bag should be sealed by folding its edges several times and the leftover electrodes should be used within a few days."

Yes, these electrodes have an indication on the packaging clearly stating that they are for use in magnetic resonance.

A set consists of 4 pieces [in different colors] and this is also the smallest package available for sale.

We take into account the following requirements:

  • base material
  • type of conductive gel
  • the expected shape
  • branding
  • methods of packaging