Gloves in our offer are in accordance with the standard for medical gloves EN 455. The gloves in III PPE category have been tested for compliance with EN 374, EN 420 and EN 388 standards. All tests are confirmed by reports from those tests. ASTM F 1671 is an American standard describing the methodology for testing the resistance to virus infiltration. The gloves we offer have the passed the test for compliance with this standard.

In the food industry, depending on the nature and type of work performed, various types of nitrile and vinyl gloves are used. Blue gloves are recommended, as this colour is simply the easiest to distinguish against the background of various types of food.

Resistance to chemical substances is determined on the basis of tests in accordance with the requirements of the EN 374 standard. When it comes to contact with chemical substances, nitrile gloves are considered the most resistant.

For people allergic to natural latex, we recommend powder-free gloves made of nitrile or vinyl, materials that do not contain natural latex.

Diagnostic gloves: AQL 1.5

Master Glove latex surgical gloves: AQL 1.0

Synthetic surgical gloves: AQL 0.65