Medical cable - special bend protection grommet

As a manufacturer of medical equipment, we want our cables and wires to work with different types of devices as long and as smoothly as possible. Every day we strive to make the final product meet, even exceed our client's expectations as in this case study. One of our clients is a manufacturer of medical equipment, for whom we have been manufacturing tailor-made custom cables for several years.

Users of their equipment observed the following: due to frequent cable usage, the wires situated by the plug tended to break. This required a replacement cable.

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The customer described the problem in detail and showed what the fault was. They also proposed a solution to the problem; applying a heat-shrinkable sleeve where the cable enters the connection plug to strengthen the cable.

In our opinion, the proposed solution would not guarantee elimination of the problem and at the same time it could deteriorate cables aesthetics and functionality. With this in mind, we carried out preliminary tests which ultimately led us to a more appropriate concept.

We have proposed a professional solution that involves the use of a special bend protection grommet. With the added element, fixing the five-core cable to the connection plug has been significantly strengthened. Our concept is presented in the diagram below:

After examining our proposal, the client, accepted this idea. As a result, we made a modification of the mold and produced cables equipped with a protection grommet.

Due to our idea gaining recognition, we have included the protection grommet in general production.

Responsibility for delivered products is one of the most important elements of our customer service policy as our client's requests allow us to constantly develop and adapt to their ever developing needs. We support our medical partners in every situation related to wiring and electrodes for medical equipment.