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ISOSENSE and CHLOROSENSE synthetic surgical gloves

ISOSENSE and CHLOROSENSE synthetic surgicalgloves can be used for invasive procedures requiring sterile conditions.

They effectively protect against infections in high risk environment, providing reliability and safety of medical procedures.

Advantages of syntheticsurgical gloves ISOSENSE and CHLOROSENSE:

  • latex free,
  • lower risk of allergic reactions,
  • high softness and elasticity,
  • comfortable in everyday use and suitably flexible.



  • intended for the majority of surgical procedures
  • very flexible and durable, do not cause fatigue of the hand  during long-term use,
  • texturing on the entire surface of the hands and fingers,
  • high resistance to penetration of cytostatic specimens, alcohols, glycols and biological factors.
  • intended for use in general surgery and orthopedics
  • can be used as the primary glove or the underglove in high-risk proceduresrequiring double-gloving
  • they provide excellent resistance in a wide range of applications
  • dedicated to environments in which users are exposed to toxic chemicals and potentially infectious liquids

Isosense and Chlorosense gloves - leaflet

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